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VRS 9500 & 12500lb

There are so many brands of self-recovery winches available these days. How do you decide which is the best for your particular needs?

Every man and his dog seem to be importing them from China and whacking their own tough-sounding name on the outside. Some of the Chinese winches could be well made (in whole or in part) but are they good long-term value?

If something goes wrong five years from now, what will be the situation with parts availability? And where do you stand if the importer has decided that it was all 'too hard' and has stopped importing them; or has gone out of business?

Only 'price-sensitivity' has brought other players to the winch market.

Fair enough. If you can get the same benefits and results as a well-respected brand for less$$ - you should take it. Plus, if you winch purchase was more for 'just in case' use, you probably prefer not to have the front-end of your vehicle owing you part of the National Debt.

The thing is, when you get snagged in the middle of nowhere, with no way out except for the pulling power of a winch - you get out, plug in the controller, attach the cable to a suitable tree with the right gear. You go to power up the winch and there's power... dead!

You're 'the one in a thousand', you supplier tells you (if you can reach him)

Guess you should have bought a lottery ticket!

Your warranty card is not much good to you now. You're stuffed. Game over.

It's why when you purchase a new winch, although you may not intend to use it often, because it's operation is a critical factor for self-recovery (and sometimes personal survival) you need a provide performer regardless of cost.

Now if you prefer a great winch at a price that's easier on your wallet, meet (and buy) the VRS.

The VRS winch is designed in Australia, for Australia, and other tough regions of the world. It's a winch that won't let you down.

The VRS winch series is nothing like commonly available "cheapies". Such businesses and individuals usually source generic-make winches from say Alibaba (the Chinese supplier affiliate website), and slap their own sticker on the box to sell to Aussie's as "bargains".

Everything about the VRS winch (appearance, fit and function) is first class.

Visually, the winch looks super. The body work is coated with a special textured UV and corrosion-resistant acrylic compound. The stainless steel hardware and fittings will look good for years to come and help maintain the products build. The bracket that holds the fluted-design control pack is not the usual flimsy metal piece you think you might have received as a bonus with your breakfast cereal. The unique VRS and 'elephant' logos are a good match.

Of course, it's not the outside that counts. The VRS winch's real beauty is on the 'inside'.

The VRS motor and gearbox is strong, smooth and efficient. Its clutch handle feels good to engage and disengage, with great free-spool action. Premium sealing of the drum flanges help the ingress of water and mud.

Like adventure and a good time off-road?

Buy yourself some piece of mind today!

What are the specs?


Rated Line Pull: 9500 lb (4310kg)
Motor: 5.3 hp, 3.9Kw Series Wound
Gear train: 3-Stage Planetary
Gear Ratio: 216:1
Clutch: Sliding Ring Gear
Brake: Automatic in the Drum
Weight: 31kg (synthetic)

Synthetic Rope: 30mm of 9mm dia
Fairlead: Roller

Rated Line Pull: 12500 lb (5670kg)
Motor:5.3 hp, 3.9Kw Series Wound
Gear train: 3-Stage Planetary
Gear Ratio: 273:1
Clutch: Sliding Ring Gear
Brake: Automatic in the Drum
Weight: 34kg (synthetic)
Synthetic Rope: 26mm of 11mm dia
Fairlead: Roller

How much are they? (With FREE Australia-wide delivery)

V9500 Winch with Synthetic Rope
V12500 Winch with Synthetic Rope

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