Airbag Man Airbag Inflation Pump

POST ON Apr 16, 2018

Airbag Man airbag pump

Here's a pic that the guys from Airbag Man have taken of Merv Hughes, using his Airbag Man Portable Compressor to pump up the Airbags on his Nissan Patrol.

Airbag Man is the world's best developer and manufacturer of airbag and air spring kits to suit the full range of Australian-sold vehicles. The pump Merv is using is a smart choice. It's small, lightweight, and very easy to use. There's an in-built pressure gauge so with a glance you know where you're at, and the price of the pump is remarkable for the convenience it offers.

airbag man portable compressor

Even though this pump is not really made for quickly pumping up aired-down tyres, it provides rapid inflation for any Airbag Man application whether it's the Coil-Rites on your Nissan Patrol or the Ride-Rite kit on your leaf suspension 79-series Landcruiser. As a dedicated pump for your airbags, we highly recommend it.

To see a video of the pump in action, visit >  https://youtu.be/YVfxT-hf3MQ 

Our price also includes free postage to any destination in Australia!

To purchase the pump, click here 


airbag man

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