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Check out this Airbag Man airbag installation on this pretty smick Jeep JK Wrangler. This vehicle doubles as a combination rock crawler and touring vehicle. When the back gets loaded for trips - it really gets loaded! In this instance we supplied a long-travel bag design with high-pressure mesh sleeves. Keep scrolling for more info....

Sam Jolly

(above) Sam has the airbag in his right hand and the High Pressure mesh sleeve in his left hand. When the sleeve is fitted, there are several benefits. First you can double the maximum pressure in the bag. That's a jump from 30psi to 60psi. That allows for a serious increase in extra load-bearing (and load levelling) ability! Secondly, while Airbag airbags have always been made tough, the special fibre sleeves make concerns about coil pinching/rubbing or stone puncture a thing of the past.

Jeep lifted

(above) Sam installs the High Pressure fibre sleeve over the airbag. It is quite a snug fit. The other thing we like about the sleeves is that even if it's unlikely you will use them to capacity, it means less stress for the bag and extended bag life. These optional sleeves add only $75 (total) the the airbag kit price, so it's the smart choice.**

airbag man

(above) To make it easier to insert the bag into the coil, Sam deflates the bag by hand to make it smaller, and prevents air from re-filling the bag at this point by plugging the inflation valves.

airlines airbags

(above) Sam plumbs the airline through the top of the rear coil spring tower. The airline is pre-installed with a tough flexible conduit cover for extra protection and ease of fitting. The job is straight-forward and the Airbag Man kit comes with excellent instructions. From here it just takes time to run the airlines along the frame of the vehicle in a way that allows for the full travel in the suspension, and yet so that the lines are secure, neat and tidy and can't get snagged on anything.


(above) Sam's got the bag into the coil spring, and just before connecting the airline is fitting the upper valve/line protection spacer (included) that will rest on top of the airbag.


(above) This lower airbag spacer is a 'riser' type. The airbag can rest on top of it. The spacer in this case provides a number of functions. 1) It extends the bag height to match the aftermarket suspension lift height. 2) It provides protection to the base of the airbag against this vehicles specific coil spring retaining washer and attachment bolt, and 3) As this aftermarket coil spring's design is tapered for the first couple of inches (and pig-tailed), the spacer positions the bag up away from this narrowing and into the main section of the coil so it can function properly.


(above) Sam's got one side done and has just about finished the other side.


(above) Where necessary, Airbag Man airbag kits come with an exhaust pipe heat protection shield. These are both effective and easy to install.


(above) Sam does careful check over before putting the wheels back on the vehicle.


(above) There is an inflation valve for each individual airbag. So if one side of the vehicle is loaded slightly more than the other, the airbags can be adjusted to compensate. In this job, we've mounted the inflation valves into a small stainless steel bracket that's available from Airbag Man for only a small additional cost. Other options include drilling and mounting directly into the bumper. Whatever method, the tip is that you want them positioned for easy access and reach for inflation, but not in a place that they can get snagged in an offroad situation, or (in the case of a trayback ute) that the drop sides of the tray don't contact when lowered.


(above) Whenever we do an airbag fitting job at our Sydney workshop, we keep the vehicle a few hours longer than we really need to. This allows sufficient time to pressure test the application and fitment and double check everything is absolutely spot-on. So when you pick your vehicle up at the end of the job you can drive away with confidence that you'll only have to come back because you want too!

Job done and looking great! This JK is now a serious all-rounder. Get your own kit at 4WD1.com



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