Ford Ranger PX2 Wildtrack

Here is a job we did on a brand new Ford Ranger Wildtrack. It's a Rancho 2" lift in a comfort/medium load rating with Airbag Man airbags fitted additionally to be able to deal with intermittent heavy loads and towing. Now all this vehicle needs is some beefy wheels and 33" tyres! Read on....

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Airbag Man Airbag Inflation Pump

POST ON Apr 16, 2018

Airbag Man airbag pump

Here's a pic that the guys from Airbag Man have taken of Merv Hughes, using his Airbag Man Portable Compressor to pump up the Airbags on his Nissan Patrol. Airbag Man is the world's best developer and manufacturer of airbag and air spring kits to suit the full range of Australian-sold vehicles. 

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Airbag Man airbags

Check out this Airbag Man airbag installation on this pretty smick Jeep JK Wrangler. This vehicle doubles as a combination rock crawler and touring vehicle. When the back gets loaded for trips - it really gets loaded! 

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Airbag Man Airbags

Despite our own trouble-free experience with the product, combined with the 20+ years of trouble-free experience by Airbag Man as the manufacturer, from time to time we still get "push back" from some customers when making such a recommendation. "Nah mate! I don't want airbags! They'll crack ya chassis!"

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200-series Tough Dog airbag suspension

G'day! How are you going? Check out the 200-series Landcruiser Sahara above. It looks pretty neat, but only till now.... We've just fitted Tough Dog struts and coils to the front end, plus shocks and airbags to the rear, utilizing the factory coils for a level stance. The 200-series has an unfavorable nose-down appearance from new, and it's worse on Sahara models. Add a bullbar and/or winch and the front-end virtually rides on the bump-stops. Read on....

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