ironman 4x4

Check out the Holden Colorado 7 above. It's just been equipped with an Ironman 'Protector' series bullbar, snorkel , trade-style alloy roof rack and premium underbody protection kit. With these mods (and more to come in the future) the vehicle is on its way to becoming a great combination of family wagon and offroad tourer.

Ironman snorkel

(above) More air and less dust to your engine. That's the Ironman Airforce snorkel. Ironman snorkels are high quality and fit and look great. Detailed fitting instructions and installation template included.

Ironman 4x4 roof rack

(above) This roof rack is the 1.8m x 1.25m trade style with open ends. It's the alloy build version which is smart because the weight of your rack system plays a part in your calculation of max luggage weight. A strong well-designed alloy rack can mean more gear on the roof than if you had purchased a (heavier) steel one.

Underbody protection kit

(above) Offroad driving exposes your vehicle to damage from various obstacles such as rocks, logs, bumps and scrapes. The situation is particularly prevalent in vehicles with low ride height or independent suspension. This is the Ironman underbody protection kit in their 'Premium' version. It covers the engine bay and transmission and in most cased utilizes 4mm thickness steel. The design features carefully positioned venting and water dispersion holes. This protects the key components without compromising airflow and durability.

holden colorado 7 4wd

(above) Job done and looking smart. Check out the nice lines of the bullbar ends relative to the vehicle's wheel arch. The continuous line shape makes for a neat clean professional look.

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