ironman 4x4 suspension lift kit

Here's a recent installation job of an Ironman 4x4 suspension kit to a current model Hilux. This job and vehicle build had a bit of a retro feel. Like the early 90's where most Lux's were white, and a "sports-trucker" look was popular - simply a lift kit, 33" tyres on bigger wheels, roll bar, and some decent size chrome finish spotlights up front. Keep scrolling for more details....

ironman coil springs

(above) Here is the front suspension. Ironman strut assemblies made from comfort/medium load coil springs and nitro gas struts. The combination is perfect for more lightweight front ends and provides a great balance of ride comfort and vehicle control.

ironman 4x4 hilux leaf springs

(above) Here is the rear suspension. The rear leaf springs are the 0-300kg Ironman "Performance" specification, and again, the rear shocks are the nitro gas units.

greasable swing shackles

(above) Greaseable swing shackes are an optional extra when installing new suspension. The shackles are the same length as the OE ones, but as the name suggests, the shackle pins are greaseable. Lubrication of the shackle pins to the id of the bushes is the key to good ride quality. If you don't have greaseable shackles fitted, it is unlikely you will pull the suspension apart to grease them because of the extra labour involved.

greaseable fixed pins

(above) This is a greaseable fixed pin. The front end of the Hilux's rear leaf spring. On a late model vehicle, the benefits of replacing the OE fixed pins with a greaseable version is negligible. However, on a current model Hilux, to access the left hand side pin in order to remove and refit the spring, you virtually need to remove the fuel tank to access it. It's faster and more economical to cut the OE unit out and push in a new greaseable one. The previous generation Hilux had a recessed section on the fuel tank to avoid this problem.

2015+ toyota hilux 4wd

(above and below). Job done, wheel alignment performed and final check over and test drive done. This Hilux looks and drives great!

lift kit for Toyota hilux 4wd


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