ironman 4x4

This 2019 Ford Ranger Wildtrack has just been installed with an Ironman Deluxe Commercial bullbar. Apart from providing good looks, the customer had the bar fitted for kangaroo protection for an upcoming road trip to QLD's central west. In the case of an animal strike, a bar like this can be the difference between being stranded and getting home, and sometimes, possibly life-saving!

Deluxe Commercial bull bar

(above) The Ironman bullbar range for PX (1/2/3) Ford Ranger is available to facilitate OE parking sensors as well as Ford's Tech Pack radar sensor.

px3 ford ranger with tech pack

(above). Here is the side bar profile. Note the clean lines and increase ramp-over or approach angles. Three under bar protection/finishing plates (included) are also shown here.

4wd1 installation

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