Ironman snorkel instructions

Recently we did a fair bit of work on an FX4 edition Ford PX Ranger.  For now, let's focus on the snorkel! Above, Ian familiarises himself with the instructions. All Ironman snorkels are supplied with a template and fitting instructions. You've heard the saying that a good carpenter measures twice, and cuts once! Well, when it comes to snorkels, the principle should be the same - and even more so! You only get one crack at it!

Ford Ranger snorkel

(above) On the Ford Ranger PX+ models there is less work involved than with some other model vehicles. The OE panel grille is removed and that is what makes space for the snorkel body.

4wd snorkel fitting template

(above) Here is the fitting template so you know where to drill the mounting holes. Mask the area behind to protect paintwork and create clean holes.

ford ranger

(above) After first drilling pilot holes, the step drill is Ian's tool of choice.


(above) These are the new holes for the mounting of the installation bracket on the windscreen pillar.

ironman 4x4

(above) Any time you drill or cut a panel, the area must be cleaned and painted to prevent rust or corrosion.

pillar bracket

(above) Here is the installation of the new pillar mounting bracket.

snorkel hat

(above) Ian lines up the snorkel in preparation for the internal connection to the OE air box/cleaner.

snorkel air filter

(above) Here the internal piping of the snorkel neatly connects to the air cleaner box and a special sealant used between the two.

ironman 4x4 snorkel

(above) Job done and looking good!

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