Moab 18-inch wheels D4 Land Rover

Owners of 2010-2016 Land Rover Discoverys (D4) are often dismayed when they learn there are very few heavy-duty all-terrain, or mud-terrain, tyres suitable for their original 19-inch, or 20-inch, wheels. And that none of the ‘suitable’ tyres have the sidewall-flex necessary to cope with many of Australia’s gnarly conditions.

The larger wheel diameter was specified by Land Rover engineers; to allow more space for the redesigned (and better-performing) front brake calipers. Great for howling down an autobahn: But a potential handicap on a real 4WD track.

Unlike a traditional 18-inch diameter wheel, the 18-inch Moab wheels have been manufactured to clear the front brake calipers on D4 Discovery models. They make an ideal replacement for the original 19-inch, or 20-inch, rims that are fitted with highway-biased low-profile tyres. As, many owners have experienced, the original wheel/tyre specification can be prone to damage (or destruction) when driving on rough roads, or negotiating rugged trails.

The 18-inch Moab wheel meets International standards. And has been designed for long-term durability, strength and easy-to-clean maintenance.

We are now stocking these wheels in our Sydney warehouse. RRP $550 each. And we offer free delivery, by registered mail, to anywhere in Australia.

Visit > https://4wd1.com/moab-discovery-d4-wheels.html or phone 1300 004 931.

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Moab 18-inch wheels D4 Land Rover



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Moab 18-inch wheels D4 Land Rover

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