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While 4WD1 is immersed in the biggest part of the aftermarket 4wd industry - current model dual-cab utes - we have not forgotten our roots. If you are after custom or longer than normal shocks for a 4WD vehicle that is set up differently from the norm, a project vehicle, vintage 4wd, camper trailer or comp truck - we can probably help and have something in stock. 

In the Rancho RS9000XL 9-position externally ride-adjustable range we have baby shocks that (measuring centre of eye mount to centre of eye mount) extend to 441mm and compress to 303mm, right though to the massive 15.5-inch travel shocks that extend to 919mm and compress to 542mm.

In the Rancho RS7000MT series shocks we have 12.5" travel shocks that extended to 824mm and compress to 495mm. The RS7000MT is whopping 46mm bore monotube shock with free floating piston than runs around 150psi gas charge. They are an extreme high-performance shock that eat corrugations and yet offer a good "around town" ride. The RS7000MT spec shocks are also great on most camper trailers. From our observation, shock absorbers and related damping requirements have been a bit of an afterthought by some camper trailer manufacturers - especially those that utilise independent suspension. A 46mm bore monotube shock is the way to go.

custom length shocks

Over the years we've also had some strange requests for the adjustable Rancho RS9000XL. These include as variable dampers for industrial machinery, and also to assist in control of a door on a large ship. The funniest application for a Rancho RS9000XL shock was early last year when the manager of a retirement village phoned to asked for a "replacement RS99112 for the excercise machine in the gym room at the XXXX retirment village". At first we though the caller was having us on... But... as it turned out he was fair dinkum. At some stage someone had taken the time to build and upper body strengthening machine that used the resistance offered by the Rancho shock to develop muscle tone/size. The shock, being firmness adjustable meant that the user could (just by turning the knob with their fingers), alter the resistance provided according to their level of personal strength, and progress accordingly!


More more info on Rancho shocks and suspension, visit www.rancho.com.au 

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