Ford Ranger PX2 Wildtrack

Here is a job we did on a brand new Ford Ranger Wildtrack. It's a Rancho 2" lift in a comfort/medium load rating with Airbag Man airbags fitted additionally to be able to deal with intermittent heavy loads and towing. Now all this vehicle needs is some beefy wheels and 33" tyres!

rancho struts shocks and coils

(above) The Moab® front coils are a comfort/medium application to suit a stock load front end. The front struts are the new Rancho RS5000-X series. They are a highly-responsive unit that provide exceptional ride quality and control with both on and offroad use, and yet is durable when engaged in extended corrugated road driving and the conditions typical of outback touring.

rancho rs9000xl ride adjustable shocks

(above) The Rockcrawler® leaf springs provide the new lift height and a moderate boost in spring rate, but not so much as to make the unladen ride firm. The Airbag Man airbags are a premium design using Firestone bellows air springs, and vehicle specific brackets and mounting hardware. The combination allows for a best-of-all worlds approach to ride comfort and heavy loading and towing ability.


(above) The Made In The USA Rancho RS9000XL 9-position externally ride-adjustable shocks are one of the most highly-regarded in the industry. The adjustment knob can be finger turned. No special tools are needed. The difference in firmness is no gimmick. There is about 400% difference between position '1' and position '9' so the choice is immense. Even if you don't adjust the shocks that often, it is very nice to be able to decide exactly how you want the rear of the vehicle to ride.


(above) This transmission spacer kit (centre bearing spacer kit) helps reduce driveline vibration that is common on Ford Ranger and BT50 models. With the kit installed, this Ranger did not have any driveline vibration, but results can vary from vehicle to vehicle. Sometimes rear axle/spring wedges are required additionally.

Greaseable shackles

(above) Lubrication of the shackle pins and bushes is the key to good ride quality. The fitment of greaseable shackles make this job easy. With the standard shackles, it is unlikely you will every grease the bushes and pins as part of servicing as disassembly is required.

airbag man airbags

(above) Here are the air valves for the Airbag Man airbag kit. They have been installed into an (optional) stainless steel bracket for neat appearance and ease of installation. Adding or removing air is just as you would with a car tyre, but because the volume of the airbag compared to a tyre is small, it only takes seconds to adjust them rather than minutes

Ford Ranger PX2 Wildtrack

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