ironman 4x4

Check out the Holden Colorado 7 above. It's just been equipped with an Ironman 'Protector' series bullbar, snorkel , trade-style alloy roof rack and premium underbody protection kit. With these mods (and more to come in the future) the vehicle is on its way to becoming a great combination of family wagon and offroad tourer. Read on....

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Ironman snorkel instructions

Recently we did a fair bit of work on an FX4 edition Ford PX Ranger.  For now, let's focus on the snorkel! Above, Ian familiarises himself with the instructions. All Ironman snorkels are supplied with a template and fitting instructions.

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Nissan Navara NP300 suspension

(above) Check out the NP300 Nissan Navara (coil rear). We've just installed a Tough Dog brand suspension system using the 40mm bore 9-position ride-adjustable struts and shocks. Up front, we've used Tough Dog's TDC773H constant load front coils to deal with the weight of the existing bullbar and winch. 

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EFS 4wd suspension

Check out this really neat BT50 above. It arrived to us already with some cool gear installed, including and Ironman Deluxe Commercial bullbar with matching side steps and rails, and Ironman Monster winch, custom alloy tray, snorkel, underbody protection and more.

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Iromman multi rod

Other than 4wding, there’s no better recreation than fishing. I reckon the two aussie pastimes are best when together (some of the best fishing spots are by 4×4!) and yet a quick trip to your nearest estuary, beach, dam or river is always a goodie, even if you got there by pushbike.

If you’re not a fisho – you ought to be. It’s relaxing (albeit) thirsty kind of work. Real thirsty sometimes  :)  You can go solo or with a tribe, and that sense of the ‘catch’ or “catching the big one” never seems to leave you, even if you’ve been fishing for years.

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