Imagine quitting your day gig to travel the world by 4×4 for a year! Well, Gary and Monika Wescott (above) have been doing it for the last 43! Yep, since 1972, these ad¬ven¬turers and photojournalists have travelled from the arid deserts of Afghanistan, to the deepest jungles of the Amazon, and across the frozen steppes of Siberia.

Their current mode of transport, dubbed ‘Turtle V’ is based on a highly-customised Ford Super Duty F-550. It has been carefully outfitted with equipment of proven quality and reliability. “Through years of experience, we’ve sys¬tematically found out what works.” said Gary, “In the places we go, reliability becomes all-important! This is not a vacation.” Gary and Monika’s most recent trip took two years and saw the Turtle V cover more than 40,000 miles.

They began on the rocky shores of Portugal, making their way through 20 countries including China, Mongolia, Siberia and finally to Japan. The extremity of the terrain in such regions and the climate temperatures in which the Turtle V would operate were exceptional.

In terms of suspension components, the shock absorbers were a critical factor in the safe and reliable function of the vehicle. Here is Gary’s testimonial regarding his choice of shocks – The premium-quality Rancho RS9000XL.

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