Ironman 4x4 is celebrating 60 years in the business with 'The Ultimate Ironman 4x4 Giveaway!'

You have a real chance to win an Ultimate Xterran Camper valued at more than $60,000, plus 2nd and 3rd prize packages. (1st March - 31st August)

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rancho control arms

Looking for added performance & increased durability on your leveled or lifted Hilux? We're really excited to be able to offer these Rancho® brand performance upper control kits to suit KUN26 Hilux 4WD 2005-2015. The manufacturing design, quality, fit and finish of this product is absolutely first class.

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portable air compressor pum

So which pump?

With as many ‘brands’ available as baubles on a Christmas tree, the choice can be over-whelming! From experience, few models live up to the claims printed on their box. Hose connections are a real bugger on many pumps. When you’re outback trying to repair and re-inflate a tyre, or are getting back onto the tar after a beach run – You need peformance over promises. But check out 4WD Action Magazine’s AIR COMPRESSOR COMPARO – An extensive torture and comparrsion test of 24 (yes, 24) popularly-distributed portable pumps.

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Rancho RS5000-x shocks

Since 1990, 4WD1 has been a proud importer of USA-made Rancho shocks absorbers. In 2015, the company was excited to release a new larger RS5000-X™ shock series that helps deliver precisely controlled performance for raised-height 4WDs popular in Australia and other parts of the world. The new RS5000-X shock series includes “Cross-Tuned Technology” – a unique valve design that allows for increased control and consistent ride profile with a larger shock body.

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Iromman multi rod

Other than 4wding, there’s no better recreation than fishing. I reckon the two aussie pastimes are best when together (some of the best fishing spots are by 4×4!) and yet a quick trip to your nearest estuary, beach, dam or river is always a goodie, even if you got there by pushbike.

If you’re not a fisho – you ought to be. It’s relaxing (albeit) thirsty kind of work. Real thirsty sometimes  :)  You can go solo or with a tribe, and that sense of the ‘catch’ or “catching the big one” never seems to leave you, even if you’ve been fishing for years.

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