Ironman winch

A 12v self-recovery winch is one of the most effective tools you can have fitted to your 4WD. Nothing beats a winch for pulling yourself out of a bog, up a hill, or through a section that isn’t safe to drive. Winches are also useful for removing fallen trees or other obstacles blocking your path.

Over the years Ironman 4×4 has spent significant time developing and improving its range of winches. They are the only winches in the market to come from the factory with a breather on the motor as well as many other class-leading features.

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Airbag Man Airbags

Despite our own trouble-free experience with the product, combined with the 20+ years of trouble-free experience by Airbag Man as the manufacturer, from time to time we still get "push back" from some customers when making such a recommendation. "Nah mate! I don't want airbags! They'll crack ya chassis!"

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EFS 4WD R13 winch

[NEW PRODUCT!] This new winch has been in development for over two years and has had its final tick of approval.

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POST ON Aug 15, 2017

Ford Ranger

(above) Here is a Ford PX Ranger that's just been lifted around 50mm. Suspension lifts and upgrades for the Ford are our biggest seller, followed by Hilux and the RG Colorado/D-max. Whether you phone for advice and place an order, or jump online, make sure you lift your Ranger (or other type ute) with us.

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Ironman 4x4 bullbar

(above) Job done and ready to go. This vehicle's owner does a lot of country road driving and encounters a fair number of kangaroos, so the Ironman Commercial bullbar provides extra peace of mind.

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