rancho moab

Here are some details and pics about one of our best-selling suspension applications. It's the Rancho/Moab kit for the Jeep JK Wrangler 2007-2016. Rancho have been making stuff for Jeep's since 1955, and at one stage spent years as part of the MOPAR performance range....

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xtreme outback clutch kit

The bulk of clutch wear occurs while the clutch disc and engines flywheel are spinning at different speeds. There is friction material on the clutch plate to help smooth the transition from disengaged to engaged and vice-versa, as well as when you shift up or down gears. Additionally, the greater the engine power or torque, the greater the demand or load on the clutch. The clamp hold, or clamping pressure between the two plates has limitations, as well as a maximum torque or stress rate. It’s the same deal when it comes to towing, fitting taller tyres, or getting stuck in a bog....

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POST ON Dec 21, 2016


Bogged vehicle? No problem. Simply lay down a TRED ramp in front of your tyres and drive up and out to safety

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In terms of suspension components, the shock absorbers were a critical factor in the safe and reliable function of the vehicle. Here is Gary’s testimonial regarding his choice of shocks – The premium-quality Rancho RS9000XL.

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airbag ride-rite kit


Airbags will cut/reduce your suspension travel offroad….


The wheel travel is NOT reduced. Airbags allow for  the same amount of travel as usual regardless of load conditions. In fact, airbag fitment may allow for more suspension travel  compared to the result of fitting traditional constant-load or heavy-duty springs.

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