ironman 4x4

Recently our workshop installed a bunch of Ironman 4x4 accessories to this MR Mitsubishi Triton, plus a matching Ironman suspension kit. There was quite a lot of work involved in the job, but the end result was really impressive.

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Tough dog suspension kit

Two mates. Both tradies, driving Toyotas, go Tough Dog suspension!

These 70-series owners made a great decision and equiped their vehicles with a Tough Dog suspension kit. As it turns out, their vehicles were also near identical and required the same application of:

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beach driving tips

Starting with your vehicle…The make, model and age of your 4WD are not nearly as important as its reliability and safety. Remember that soft sand usually places much greater loads on your vehicle’s engine, transmission and driveline; due to the greater rolling resistance. ... Read on....

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toyota hilux 4wd

Here's a recent installation job of an Ironman 4x4 suspension kit to a current model Hilux. This job and vehicle build had a bit of a retro feel. Like the early 90's where most Lux's were white, and a "sports-trucker" look was popular - simply a lift kit, 33" tyres on bigger wheels, roll bar, and some decent size chrome finish spotlights up front.

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tough dog upper control arms

When an IFS vehicle is fitted with a suspension lift, the original caster and camber specifications may be pushed outside the acceptable limit. If a vehicle loses caster, it can make the steering vague, and positive camber is introduced, which may contribute to uneven and accelerated tyre wear. While most of this can be adjusted using the factory wheel alignment adjustment points, the geometry of the suspension is not quite the same as OEM.

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