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Item: RANCHO RS5000 REAR SHOCKS FOR MAZDA BT50 (2006-2011)

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Item: RANCHO RS5000 REAR SHOCKS FOR MAZDA BT50 (2006-2011)

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Rear Rancho RS5000 Shocks to suit Mazda BT50 4x4 2006 - 10/2011

It's tough choosing shocks for your 4WD. There are more than 20 brands. Most claiming that the shock brand that they sell is the best for your purposes - whatever that may be.

Online cowboys are also out there. These guys push products of average quality and performance, with immensely inflated "recommended retail" values, so when that fat margin is 'cut', the ebay buyer is under the perception he or she is getting a 'great deal'.

We would like to set the record straight. No other 4wd shock brand can come close to matching Rancho's combination of quality, performance, features, and long-term performance.


The Rancho RS5000 has consistently been the world's best-selling aftermarket, performance 4WD shock absorber. And did not achieve this status by accident.

The Rancho RS5000 features include:

1. A micro-polished cylinder wall and glass filled Teflon seal: Representing the finest of build-quality which enhances the shock's amazing durability and heat-reduction qualities.

2. Hardened and double-chromed rod and double-welded mounts: Stands up to the job in the toughest rough-road conditions.

3. 10-stage velocity-sensitive valving: A comprehensive valving range which responds appropriately to the changing terrain and results in a safer, and better-controlled ride.

4. Foam-Cell construction: Controls the oil for consistent performance in tough conditions. The design allows for almost 100% oil-fill of the shock, providing greater heat dispersion. The design, unlike 'gas-pressure' shocks, does not place undue stress on the seal, ensuring greater life for the seal and, therefore, the shock absorber.

5. Double-wall construction: Provides greater off-road protection against rocks, stone spray, logs etc. Unlike mono-tube shocks (Bilstein, De Carbon, some Pro-Comp shocks, etc.) the pistons of the RS5000 and RS9000X shocks do not run in the outer tube. This ensures that the Rancho shocks will be unlikely to fail if the outer tube is dented.

6. 240-hour salt spray-resistant finish: Superior protection. Because you know what salt does to poorly-protected steel.

7. Disc-type piston bleed and coaxial pin and slider base valve: For increased sensitivity to rapid changes in terrain, and for precise compression damping.

8. Softer on compression than rebound damping rate: For superior ride-quality and performance both on and off-road.

In brief, the RS5000 has consistently been the world's No.1 seller because of its combination of quality, performance and long-lasting durability. Backed up by a design that incorporates a double-wall construction, internal bump rubber, ball sized and burnished DOM pressure tube, foam-cell technology, 10-stage velocity sensitive valving and a glass-filled Teflon piston seal.

Sold as a pair with bushes they will suit the rear of your Mazda BT50 with standard suspension through to 35mm raised suspension.

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