Rancho + Moab Suspension Kits for Jeep JK Wrangker

Rancho + Moab Suspension Kits for Jeep JK Wrangker

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Here are some details and pics about one of our best-selling suspension applications. It's the Rancho/Moab kit for the Jeep JK Wrangler 2007-2016. Rancho have been making stuff for Jeep's since 1955, and at one stage spent years as part of the MOPAR performance range.

JK owners can choose from three different series of shocks from the USA-made Rancho range: RS5000, RS7000MT mono-tube, or Rancho RS9000XL 9-position externally ride-adjustable. In each case, apart from superb on and offroad performance, we back the shocks we sell with an industry-leading 3-Year warranty, and there's no limit to the mileage within the 3-year period.

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In an extensive shock absorber comparison test conducted by esteemed offroad and adventure publishers -
Overland Journal, Rancho RS9000XL shocks outperformed Bilstein, Fox, Old Man Emu and Icon VD units.

Chris Collard reported on the test that put five of some of the world’s leading shock brands through abuse worthy of Dakar in a head-to-head three-state shootout. With combination Track and Field-Testing, Desert Testing, and in-depth Dyno Testing, the Rancho RS9000XL shocks were awarded Editor’s Choice.

For us, the result and concluding statements were really no surprise. We have the same set of Rancho RS9000XL shocks on our JK today as fitted when we first bought and built the vehicle in 2007, and having been involved with Rancho shocks since the early 90's are real fans.

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Moab® intelligent-design premium-quality coil springs support vehicle weight, maintain ride height, and absorb road shock and impact from rough terrain.

When additional force is placed on the springs or the vehicle meets a bump in the road, Moab® coil springs absorb the load by compressing and rebounding in order to provide a comfortable ride and keep the tyres in contact with the ground. Available in different designs for various load-bearing requirements.

This achieves optimum ride height and a smooth drive. All Moab® coil springs are developed using class-leading manufacturing processes to ensure the highest possible quality including Bar Peeling, Shot Peening and Triple Scragging. The coils are then electro-statically power-coated for a durable finish and good looks.

50mm lift for Jeep JK

The Rancho/Moab kit includes a rear heavy-duty adjustable panhard rod to keep the axle position true. This is a better proposition than an extension brackets or clamps as no extra leverage is created on the original mounting point.

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(above). With a Rancho/Moab kit fitted, there's plenty of room for 33" tyres. The increase in offroad performance with such a combination  is immense.

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(above). The optional Rancho RS7000MT steering damper utilizes monotube technology, allowing for faster dissipation of heat and providing exceptional resistance compared to other types of product to overheating during extreme use.

Rancho RS7000MT steering damper helps reduce wheel shimmy, bump steer and vibration while tightening up steering performance as this unit was engineered for Jeeps and trucks running oversized tyres and wheels. The steering damper also helps reduce driver fatigue.

Part of the Rancho RS7000MT’s “secret sauce” is in its whopping 46mm internal bore size. Most other “beefy” aftermarket steering dampers are 35mm bore types.

What’s Bore Size Advanatge?

Bore size is the diameter of the piston and the inside of the pressure tube. Generally, the larger the unit, the higher the potential control levels because of the larger piston displacements and pressure areas. The larger the piston area, the lower the internal operating pressures and temperatures. This provides higher damping capabilities.

What’s the Monotube Nitro-Gas Advantage?

For a steering damper to provide consistent damping, it’s important that the internal oil-fluid sufficiently covers the valving locations at all times. A traditional twin-tube hydraulic damper (including foam-cell type) requires the passing of oil-fluid through a base valve . This base valve is also the gateway from the pressure tube to the reserve tube as fluid is piped back to another valving point on the damper’s piston head. Ensuring the correct force of fluid against the steering damper’s valving points can be a challenge due to the horizontal mounting as well as various possible operating angles. With a monotube nitro-gas steering damper, the nitrogen charge maintains constant pressure against a second low mass “free- floating” dividing piston and the column of hydraulic oil . This eliminates the possibility of performance loss. The monotube rod-mounted piston is the exclusive damping/valve point in which it is met with a constant supply of oil-fluid regardless of the product’s operating or mounting position.

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Here are some details and pics about one of our best-selling suspension applications. It's the Rancho/Moab kit for the Jeep JK Wrangler 2007-2016. Rancho have been making stuff for Jeep's since 1955, and at one stage spent years as part of the MOPAR performance range....