4WD1 products are marketed to all parts of Australia, New Zealand, South-East Asia, and South Pacific countries. We have even exported suspension products to Russia, Inner Mongolia, United Arab Emirates & South Africa, just to name a few far-flung destinations.

No matter where you live in the world, we can get it there.

Our payment terms and delivery methods vary depending on your location and size of products.

For items under 20 kilograms, airmail is typically the quickest and cheapest method.

For more heavier items, we use the commercial airlines who offer a fast and reliable service. Or cargo services such as DHL, Fedex or UPS.

Our website is configured for sales within Australia only. If you are interested in purchasing our products, please email us with your enquiry.

Information we require:
- Your name and location
- Vehicle make, model and year of manufacture
- The parts and accessories you are wanting to purchase
- If your vehicle is left or right hand drive

Email sales@4wd1.com

Phone +612 9634 2238

Say 'Guten Tag' to Bernard from Germany. Another happy 4WD1 customer!