FORD F250 1999 - 2005 SUSPENSION KIT (4"/100MM LIFT)

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Rancho & Tough Dog Ford F250 Suspension/Lift Kit 

Want a tough truck?

4WD1 have selected the Tough Dog leaf spring pack to compliment the Rancho RS9000XL externally ride adjustable shocks, in a package that will raise your F250 4x4 approximately 4" (100mm) over standard.

Tough Dog leaf springs have been tried, tested and proven in the harsh conditions of the Australian outback. They provide performance and long-term durability your F250 demands.

The Rancho RS9000XL are the perfect match with these springs. Rancho have been making shocks for F series trucks since in the 1950's and on some models in the USA they even come as standard equipment.

The external 9 position (finger tuned) adjuster knob allows the best of all worlds, no matter wat the terrain. Sound gimmicky? There is around a 400% difference between the softest and firmest setting, the RS9000XL is almost a virtual satisfaction guarantee.

Our 4" (100mm) suspension kit includes:

- All 6 Rancho RS9000XL adjustable shocks. 2 x Front, 4 x Rear

- Front & Rear Tough Dog leaf springs

- Front adjustable panhard rod

- Front & rear spring bushes

- Front & rear ubolt kit

During checkout you have the option to upgrade your front springs to heavy duty load ie steel bar/winch, rear 0-500kg or constant 500kg load springs along with an optional RS5000 steering damper, Tough Dog return to centre (RTC) damper, or Tough Dog adjustable damper.

The Australian delivered F250 models were not sold with a steering damper from factory so we highly recommend this upgrade.

Suitable for leaf sprung 4x4 F250 models from 1999 - 2005 with quad shock rear.

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