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Mean Mother Edge  Series 212000lb Synthetic Rope Winch

The MEAN MOTHER® EDGE SERIES 2 WINCH 12,000LB WITH SYNTHETIC ROPE is a heavy-duty, high-quality tool designed to handle the toughest of off-road recovery situations. Built with durability and strength in mind, this winch is an essential tool for any serious off-road enthusiast or professional vehicle recovery specialist.

The EDGE SERIES 2 WINCH boasts a powerful 12,000lb capacity. This will give you the confidence to tackle challenging recovery tasks with ease. Whether you find yourself stuck in deep mud, rock crawls, or challenging terrain, this winch has the strength and reliability to get you out of a bind.

Constructed with a synthetic rope, this winch offers the strength and reliability of steel cable without the added weight. Moreover, the synthetic rope is also safer to handle. As it doesn’t store energy like steel cables and is less prone to causing injury in the event of a breakage.

Equipped with a waterproof control box and a wireless remote, the EDGE SERIES 2 WINCH provides added convenience and safety during recovery operations. The wireless remote allows you to operate the winch from a safe distance. Meanwhile, the waterproof control box ensures reliable performance in harsh weather conditions.

The MEAN MOTHER® EDGE SERIES 2 WINCH is designed for easy installation on a variety of vehicles, including trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps. Its compact and lightweight design makes it a practical and versatile addition to any off-road setup.

With its robust construction, impressive pulling power, and innovative features, the MEAN MOTHER® EDGE SERIES 2 WINCH 12,000LB WITH SYNTHETIC ROPE is the ultimate choice for those who demand top-tier performance and reliability in their off-road recovery equipment.

Do you want a winch that won't fail you?

Here’s 5 reasons why the Mean Mother Edge Series 2 won’t!

1) Water and Dust Tight Perfect for River Crossings (IP68 Rated - Extremely High Rating)

2) Stronger, Safer and Lighter than Steel Cable with a High Strength UHMWPE Synthetic Rope that Floats on Water

3) Minimises Twist Under Load. Tough as Nails with Wider and Stronger Tie Bars

4) Stringent Testing. Tested by a NATA™ Accredited Lab. Australia’s Leading Accreditation Body

5) Australian Owned and Operated Company that’s been around over 50 years and comes with a 5 year Mechanical and Electrical Warranty for Peace of Mind

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