Rancho Rear Coils For Toyota Prado 150 Series

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Toyota Prado 150 Series Rear Raised Rancho Coil Springs

Rancho is an exclusive four wheel drive shock absorber and suspension springs brand that can improve your ride whether you are traveling through the rough Aussie outback, taking your family on an off-road adventure, towing your caravan or your drive to work.

All Rancho Springs are designed and manufactured in Australia using a quality shot peening process to maximise spring durability. They also feature premium high strength silicon chrome alloy steel for enhanced performance and longer life.

There are several additional key advantages to selecting Rancho Springs as your top four wheel drive replacement choice in suspension replacement:

- Superior durability through polyester powder coating, providing extreme protection and a premium finish, while a Phosphate pre-treatment coating prevents corrosion.
- Rancho Springs offer excellent upgraded suspension performance by providing superior resistance to vehicle sag, improved towing capacity and load carrying features
- CAD (Computer Aided Design) design and manufacturing process ensures enhanced product precision.
- Rancho coil springs are covered by a 3 year/60,000km warranty

Sold as a pair the coils aim to lift the rear approximately 40-50mm over standard and suit all Toyota Prado 150 Series wagons excluding Kakadu.

Springs are available in a 0-250kg comfort/medium or constant 250kg load rating.

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