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JK owners aspiring to fit 35" tyres to their Jeep need a suspension lift of 4 inches.

Problem is, such a lift height has several implications for steering geometry, handling and ride-control.

Rancho and 4WD1 have the solution with the latest Short-Arm suspension kit suited to 4-door models.


- Front and rear 4" lift long-travel coil springs

- Heavy-duty adjustable upper (front and rear) control arms

- Heavy-duty long-reach lower (front and rear) control arms

- Front and rear bump-stop extensions

- Front heavy-duty adjustable panhard rod (suit Right Hand Drive)

- Rear heavy-duty panhard rod relocation bracket (suit Right Hand Drive)

- Front and rear Rancho RS9000XL (silver body) adjustable shocks

- Rancho RS7000 steering damper

The front and rear heavy-duty adjustable upper control arms feature rebuildable and (patented-design) high-articulation bushings. Unlike the bearing-style bushings associated with other kits, there is no squeak, rattle or noise. Castor and drive angles can be adjusted, for which the vehicle has no facility otherwise.

The lower heavy-duty long-reach control arms push the axles back ensuring the proper wheel-base and load on the panhard rod bushings. They are manufactured from 2" diametre DOM tube.

The arms (upper and lower) combined with the long-travel shocks and bump-stop extensions, mean the JK has greater available wheel travel for better off-road traction and stability.

When we first fitted the Rancho Short-Arm kit to our own JK as supplied from the US, it was obvious that the new pitman steering arm supplied (drop-type) was not suitable for RHD. Nor was the rear panhard rod relocation bracket.

A new-design rear panhard rod relocation bracket was fitted, and to prevent bump-steer and 'darty' handling, we manufactured a new front panhard rod (adjustable type) for lack of a suitable drop-style pitman arm.

The new front panhard rod means that the arm can be set to run parallel with the steering draglink.

With these changes, the JK is a dream to drive. In fact, with the Short-Arm kit and RHD mods, our JK rides, handles and steers better than it did 'stock' off the showroom floor - and that's with 4" of suspension lift, plus 35" tyres!

At $4995 complete with damper, RS9000XL ride-adjustable shocks, and RHD mods, the high-lift solution we provide is not cheap.

I can hear someone say, "What, I can get a XXXX kit for half that!" or similarly, how a US-based business will UPS another kit for much less.

Well, we know. We've been there.

We also know that suspension lifts for Jeeps are a lot like Jeep accessories - While a lot of stuff you see in the 'States, the mags, and on the internet looks good, the reality of the products fit, performance and function can be poor.

When you purchase our lift, the components supplied look like they were built (and could be used by) NASA. There are no noises, squeaks or vibrations.

The ride, control and steering is not some compromise you have to accept in order to improve off-road performance. It is better than factory-spec.

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