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These ‘Next Generation’ Roadsafe 4WD Heavy Duty Ball Joints have been designed and engineered to handle the loads and stress inherent in modern day 4WDs, including for vehicles fitted with larger tyres and/or aftermarket suspension systems.

Where possible, additional articulation has been incorporated into the design to allow for improved travel and lower the potential of ball joint binding. 
Best of all these Roadsafe ‘Next Gen’ Heavy Duty Ball joints allow you to ‘flush’ your ball joints with grease when you return from a day out in the bush. This drives out contaminates and also ensures maximum lubrication.

Product Features:

Castellated nut replicate OE:

Provides the security of split pin installation to ensure nut retention.

Heavy duty boot retaining clip:

Ensures that the boot remains seated even at maximum ball joint articulation.

Grease nipple:

Allows for the greasing of the ball joint and the flushing out of contaminates. Provides ongoing serviceability. [Greaseable ball joints require servicing at every oil change].

High quality chloropene rubber boot:

CR material is treated for high ozone and weather resistance. It has a low flammability, and high oil, fuel and chemical tolerance. The boot offers greater resistance to contaminants.

‘Next Gen’ high-articulation, hardened ball stud with grease grooves:

Ball Pin material is high-strength SCM435 molybdenum and chromium alloy steel. The ball stud is finished to reduce friction resulting in smoother operation and increased longevity. A grease groove channel ensures the grease is distributed. Heat treatment is applied to the ball studs. The hardness of the ball surface is 20-25 Rockwell with depth of 0.3-0.5mm. This hardening process reduces wear, and extends the component life.

CNC machined ball stud housing:

Precise CNC machining ensures a perfect mating surface between all the individual components used.

Heat treated ball stud seat:

Designed to work in conjunction with the high strength SCM435 molybdenum and chromium alloy steel ball stud to offer lower wear characteristics.

Revolutionary new nylon spring:

Designed to maximise high static and dynamic load capabilities.

Zinc plated coin cap:

This is a considerably thicker coin cap than standard, ensuring it all stays in place

These Roadsafe ‘Next Generation’ Heavy Duty Ball Joints are designed to fit:

- Mitsubishi Triton 4WD ML/MN (2005-2015)

They are sold as a (pair) and are for the upper wishbone control arms (One ball joint per arm). They are suitable as a premium-quality, heavy-duty replacement part for the OE (factory original) control arms. These ball joints will also suit other aftermarket upper control arms where the arm design allows for the fitment of the OE ball joint.

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