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Xtreme Outback Clutch to suit Holden RC Colorado 4x4 3L Diesel 10/2008 - 5/2012

Your 4WD’s transmission clutch is an unsung hero.

It converts the turning power of your engine, into the turning motion at your wheels.

In simple terms, your clutch consists of two plates between the engine’s flywheel and your driveline.

When the two plates are forced together, the power from the engine is transferred to the drive wheels. The clutch is “engaged” in this case.

When you press the clutch pedal down with your foot, the two plates are forced apart. This interrupts the transfer of power from the engine to the wheels (and) allows you to change gears, or let the engine idle while the vehicle remains stationary.

The bulk of clutch wear occurs while the clutch disc and engines flywheel are spinning at different speeds. There is friction material on the clutch plate to help smooth the transition from disengaged to engaged and vice-versa, as well as when you shift up or down gears.

Additionally, the greater the engine power or torque, the greater the demand or load on the clutch.

The clamp hold, or clamping pressure between the two plates has limitations, as well as a maximum torque or stress rate.

It’s the same deal when it comes to towing, fitting taller tyres, or getting stuck in a bog.

Whatever contributes to extra demand on your engine or driveline, translates to increased demand on your clutch.

Your clutch mechanism consists of 3 main components:

1) The pressure plate

2) The clutch disc

3) The release bearing (throw out bearing)

Increased demand on your clutch, increases the friction, heat, and force on these components.

This leads to unfavourable drive characteristics, premature clutch failure, and (in some cases) can result in damage to your vehicle’s engine and driveline.

To best deal with this, 4WD1 is proud to supply Xtreme Outback Clutch kits and components.

Xtreme Outback is the market leader in the development of Heavy-Duty and High-Performance clutch systems in Australasia.

Xtreme Outback clutch kits are High-performance and Heavy-duty in function, while retaining good everyday drive-characteristics and pedal feel.

They are the best choice for your 4WD.

Xtreme Outback clutch kits are perfect for 4WDs with:

- Larger or more aggressive tyres

- Engine or power management upgrades such as hot chips or turbo-charging

- Tow vehicles (be it camper trailers, caravans or trades trailers)

- Mining, commercial and agricultural vehicles that operate in tough conditions or that can be used to carry heavy loads.

- Genuine 4wd enthusiasts.

Xtreme Outback clutch kits WON’T:

- Make your 4WD difficult to drive

- Let you down on quality or performance.

Xtreme Outback clutch kits WILL:

- Provide increased clutch and driveline durability and service life.

- Increased ability to handle the torque loads of off-roading, towing, load-carrying or high-performance use.

- Provide maximum value-for-money in terms of cost/benefits.

Buy an Xtreme Outback clutch from 4WD1.com today. For a limited time we will offer free Australia-wide delivery.

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